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How to measure power budget of the transceiver?

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As we know that a lot of transceiver type and distance support, each transceiver have own Power Budget. Power Budget is mean the capability of the transceiver to handle optical loss. Power Budget formula is same with Optical Loss Formula:

Power Budget = Transmit Power (dBm) - Receive (dBm)

Transceiver Optical Information




You can ask your transceiver vendor to get transmit and receive value of the transceiver (you can browse on our Product Page to see our transceiver information).

Lets see the example below:

SFP+ 10G 40KM (QT-SFP+-ER)




Part Number Wavelength (nm) TX Power (dBm) RX Sens (dBm) Distance
QT-SFP+-ER 1550 -2 ~ 4 -15,8 40KM



TX Power = -2 ~ 4 dBm, we can see the TX Power is not have exact value, so for the safe we can use middle value, in this case the middle value is 1 dBm

RX Sens = -15,8 dBm

Power Budget = 1 dBm - (-15,8 dBm)

Power Budget = 16,8 dBm

Power Budget Purpose

We need power budget data to compare with optical cable loss that we will use, so we can sure that we choose the correct transceiver for our need.

You can check this document to know about optical cable loss.